As you look at the Imperial Collection you sense something special, something kingly before you. This sophisticated pattern reveals the peerless talent and preciosity of the engraver.


With our Springtime Collection you can now bring the glorious arrival of spring in Budapest to your table.


The Ravenna Collection is inspired by one of Italy’s oldest city. The diversity of ancient ages to the renaissance of the city is clearly reflected on the design of this collection. A distinctive method of cutting technique is used on the bottom of the design with elaborate fine point sphere...


The Barcelona Collection, like the fabled city itself, is a celebration of the unconventional. The unique details, vibrant hues and flamboyant design of these handcrafted masterpieces illuminate the artistry of their creation.


With our Printemps Collection we would like to take you back to Mother Nature. It is an elegantly cut and delicately engraved design with poised butterfly and spreading foliage.

Rain Forest

The Rain Forest Collection transports us to the leafy environment of a tropical wilderness. The lavish motifs convey fruitfulness at the highest level of art.


The Renaissance Collection is the re-birth of tradition. It is a contemporary pattern employing traditional cutting techniques.

Gold Aves

This design is a celebration of birds, it combines the natural and the exotic in one.

A symbol of perfection in fine crystal

Varga Crystal

Varga Crystal represents our company’s signature collection - handmade crystal crafted with traditional, long forgotten techniques to achieve the most vibrant and unique designs on the market today. We feature a wide selection of handcrafted crystal styles to suit different tastes and any home; timeless patterns suitable for wedding gifts or special occasions.

Varga for Porcelain

Our Varga for Porcelain line embodies crystal tableware for leading porcelain manufacturers with exclusive table settings and coordinated patterns, hand cut and hand engraved crystal goblets and glasses to compliment the beautiful designs made by The Royal Crown Derby, Raynaud Limoges and Aston Martin Silverware.

Varga Nouveau

The Varga Nouveau line brings you pristine crystal patterns with very little or no decoration to divert attention from the unique shapes and items this lineup vaunts. This is an essential selection for the everyday user of fine crystal. Water and Wine Goblets Champagne Flutes, Decanters and Pitchers will satisfy the needs of any sommelier or style-conscious home owner.

Crystal Glasses Make Perfect Wedding Gifts

Finding the perfect wedding gift for our family members or friends is never easy. We want to give them something that tells them we wanted them to be surprised with a gift they will treasure and enjoy. A perfect gift is long-lasting and personal; it never loses its value or goes out of style, so the couple can use it for decades and remember their special day again and again. Varga Crystal glasses make perfect wedding gifts. Whatever you choose, a set of crystal water, wine, vodka or brandy glasses, a vase, a bowl, a water pitcher or a decanter, you can be sure the couple will be thrilled to receive the gift and appreciative of your thoughtfulness.

A Set of Glasses for Special Occasions

Everyone needs a distinguished set of wine glasses they can use on special occasions, like Christmas, anniversaries, important family dinners, birthdays – or on a regular day they want to make special. If you are careful to choose a line that fits the recipients’ style, you can be sure they will use their wedding gift regularly. Do they like traditional, contemporary, exotic or natural? We produce many alternatives in four styles – Traditional, Contemporary, Tropical and Aficionado –, so you can choose whichever fits them best.

Reminders of the Most Important Day

Drinking wine from crystal glasses will not only remind them of the most important day of their lives, but make every moment during dinner special as well. You may think a quality wine doesn’t need fancy packaging to taste good, but it’s a whole different feeling to drinking from fine crystal glass than from just another glass – it really is.

Not Only for Weddings

A set of crystal glasses can be a perfect gift not only for a wedding, but for an important birthday of a friend or family member, for a retiring colleague or for graduating children; or for you as well – because we all deserve a little luxury in our lives!

Crystal glass

Drinking wine from a crystal glass marks the occasion as special. When they are part of the table setting for Christmas or an important family dinner they seem to make the wine taste better. Varga Crystal glasses should be handled with special care are for a lifetime: they’ll always be valuable and never go out of style.

Wedding Gift

If you are looking for a perfect wedding gift, choose something that fits the couple’s style, something they will appreciate and enjoy for a lifetime. Crystal glasses are an excellent choice. Varga Art Crystal Manufactory produces four lines of glassware, so you only have to decide which one the spouses-to-be would like best as a wedding gift.